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Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4 KJV)

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The Spirit of Pharaoh in your life must be Wasted.


God declares the above statement in the book of Exodus 5:1 after four hundred and thirty years of the children of Israel’s groaning, affliction, sorrows and cruel bondage in the land of Egypt. The cry of the Israelites provoked divine intervention and God visit-ed them and in His Mighty hand wrought a great deliverance for His own people through Moses. The declaration was an absolute but non-negotiable demand to King Pharaoh. Pharaoh rather than easily obeying the Word of God declares an outright war against the people of God and God as well (Exod.5:2). But at the end of the “war” Pharaoh perished in the red sea!


Moses went to Pharaoh with nothing but the Word of God. The Church today have no other weapon with which to confront the “spirit of Pharaoh” than the Word of God and the authority of Jesus Christ as re-vealed in Revelation 12:11 and Hebrews 4:12.


Therefore what is that “spirit of Pharaoh” harassing your life as “the people of God”?- Is it spiritual stag-nancy, financial embargo, arrogant tormentors, labour exploiters, unprofitable delay, helpers changing their minds at the last time, or non- achievement despite your great effort. God’s power that does not tolerate contest and which is beyond human knowledge and comprehension will visit you today and deliver you totally in Jesus name.

What we need to do is to keep a short account with God by self examination with the Word of God and quality repentance from those conscious and sub- conscious besetting sins in our lives. This is when the “war” against “spirit of Pharaoh” pursuing your “Moses” could be won! ....Continues here






Divine Prosperity Covenant - Deal or No Deal

By Pastor Mike Ileladewa

Weekly Devotion:

Conquering Word for the Week

Week 27: 6th July, 2014



Matthew 4:10 (KJV)

“Then saith Jesus unto him, get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve.”



Jesus clearly demonstrated to us how and what to tell the devil about some truth. He commanded him to get lost and told him some truth on who should serve who. Today, we are to command the devil to get lost in our situation as only God we will serve. Are you facing any situation and it seems the devil is trying make you succumb to him? There is one thing you can do and that is command him like Jesus did and he will flee away from your life.



Bible in a Year for Today:

Jul 7: Ps 119:1-88; Jul 8: Ps 119:89-176; Jul 9: Ps 120-132; Jul 10: Ps 133-139

Jul 11: Ps 140-145; Jul 12: Ps 146-150; Jul 13: Prov 1-3






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I want to blessed the name of the Lord on Friday as we were having breakthrough prayer meeting my husband received healing where he was in Thailand and he said he felt the touched of God and immediately God told him to start thanking Him so he did and he was like what is happening so he just said something is happening in OCFI UK. So when I got home and I told him everything and we thank God for the breakthrough and everything. Also I want to thank God, we trusted him for an additional stream of income in the family, I want to bless the name of the Lord that He had made it possible for us. Also thanking God for the favour that my husband has received where he is, because a lot of things had happened but in everything God gave us victory and God favoured us. I just want to bless the name of the Lord. Sis God

~ Sis. G.


I want to thank God, today is my Birthday. Thanking him for keeping me alive making it possible for me to see this day, and the day before my birthday , I prayed to God and the Lord showed me a lot of things and made me a promise, I just want to praise Him. .


~ Bro. B.



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